\to my new site\

    Ironically dropped the same night Frank Ocean dropped his new album, “Blonde”.

    I really want to show what I am all about here, give you guys a real show *wink wink*. Here is a little bit about this site.

    Platform x Hosting ::

    WordPress. I finally got the nerve to develop w/ WP. I was paying 12$ monthly for allyou.net to host my site but a friend of mine told me there was a Go Daddy Manage WordPress deal going on for 12$ FOR THE FIRST YEAR. That was a sign from God that I should finally build my site, to help my development skills and my wallet haha

    Theme – Geographic

    Plugins –

    Read before you start –

    Process ::

    I actually bought the hosting when my old site was deactivated and installed some free theme I got and just had a few buttons and images.

    Research ::

    After letting that sit for a few months I did a bit of research to see what content other artist have on their sites, web design trends via site inspiration and determined goals for the site.

    Waste time ::

    I played around with the first theme I had installed and got a really cool looking home page but about 6 hours in I realized I was wasting time because I had no plan, and no real content. It would have been a pain to finish without a system/structure for the site.

    Content ::

    Content is KING. I figured out what content I wanted on the site (navigation, bio, pages, down to footer copy) in a handy google doc here. I did not write copy for each project and blog, just included what type of info I need for each page.

    Theme picking x Design ::

    I started designing the site in AI but about half way through decided I should get a better theme because the one I was using at first seemed to not have certain functions I wanted and I could not find where to edit the portfolio icons on the homepage. I always check Creative Market on Mondays for free stuff and every now and then they have WP themes. I strongly suggest getting free themes if you do not even need them. A stockpile of free themes is legit. I also got free themes from these places before.
    I found the Geometric theme in my free theme folder and the live preview seemed workable so i installed it! Glad I did because it is great. I suggest it for newbies like myself. When Ii first installed it I was very nervous because it was blank, but when I looked under the hood all the way I found everything I needed and MORE.

    Style it baby

    Styling was literally a breeze for this site. The theme is already responsive for the most part so I just tweaked navigation a few buttons and removed breadcrumbs. The only thing no is to flesh out the site and figure out how to get the hamburger nav to say “MENU” instead.